Online interactive classes thoughtfully designed to get your tween, teen and young adults laughing, talking and having fun. 




About Ms. Jenni Place



Imagine a site where your Tween, Teens, and Young adults (to age 21) can mix with their peers in a kindness-based community.

Imagine a site that supports parents too! A site where parents can socialise and build strong friendships! A site where adults can receive education!
A site that is well managed. By an IT professional who is also a parent invested in this dream.

Imagine a site where your Learner can develop long-term kindness-based relationships with their teacher. Plus, MORE teachers are joining!
Imagine a Kindness lead site. With the best of USA, NZ and Aussie teachers coming on board.

Imagine a learner interest lead educational site that aims to empower your learner to become their own best selves.

Imagine music, books, art, meaning, laughter, authenticity,
freedom to be you. Imagine singing, dancing, acting, the visual
arts, and all manner of interests being in the one place.

Imagine growing up and growing (personally) with a community.


Welcome to a beautiful new place that takes the imagined into reality. 

Welcome to a place made more so because of you and your learner. 

Welcome to Ms. Jenni's Place, I'm so glad you came.

Ms. Jenni,
Australian Teacher